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Five minutes with… Terry Rayner, Commercial Director, Locks4Vans

23 March 2023 #Features & Interviews

Tell us about your new partnership with the AA? 

It’s an unfortunate fact that drivers occasionally find themselves locked out of their vans. Typically, this happens through the simple act of losing or breaking a key but the disturbance to the working day can be far more damaging – delayed deliveries and missed appointments will financially impact. To provide support to our customers in their hour of need, we’ve teamed up with the AA to provide a new Locks 4 Vans dedicated “Key Assist” call-out service that works alongside our existing Installer Network. Ensuring customers get the quickest possible response, we’ve provided a dedicated telephone number that is routed directly into the AA – 7 days a week. To minimise customer downtime, on receiving the “locked out” call, the AA will dispatch the nearest available Key Assist vehicle. Each van is equipped to gain entry, cut new keys and get the customer back on the road. This service doesn’t require an existing AA membership.

How can your shielding range can help customers? 

Shielding serves several purposes for the customer. External shielding offers a level of visible protection against external puncture attacks but is also typically used as a post attack repair plate, reducing the need to have costly panel repair or replacements.  Internal shielding offers a level of anti-drill protection around vulnerable locking components on the van. We’re constantly updating the dimensions and positioning of our shields to keep ahead of criminals. The range also extends to our popular Catalytic Converter Guards and Wiring Loom Guards to provide all round vehicle protection.

Describe ‘peel and steal’ attacks on vans and what your products can do to defend against it? 

Incidents of criminals peeling back van side load doors and gaining entry into the vehicle are growing at an alarming rate. Commonly know as “peel and steal” attacks, the resultant damage often leaves the vehicle unusable and the customer with a huge repair bill. To combat this brutal style of attack we’ve developed a unique Anti-Peel device that, when closed, secures the door against the door frame preventing the criminal from being able to “peel” the door back. L4V’s latest generation of Anti-Peel kits have undergone rigorous testing and are proven to resist the equivalent force of a 10-man attack on a side load door.

What will Locks 4 Vans be showcasing at the CV Show this year? 

We have a wide range of products to showcase this year which are ‘new to industry’. Our innovative “Lock in a Box” range offers a new level of Anti-Tamper Hook Lock security.  This, alongside our new electronic locks and improved high security Lock Cylinders, allows L4V to provide a new level of van security. We’ll have the acclaimed electric VW ID.Buzz on the stand to showcase how our Technical Team have applied our locking solutions to the lightweight materials of this award-winning van. Cargo Locks will also feature heavily to include our new electronically operated version, already gaining traction in the logistics sector. We’ll also provide a peek behind the scenes of our in-house testing facility. Examining the roadworthiness of our products to eradicate corrosion, minimise weight gain and maximising strength is a full-time occupation for the Technical Team to ensure our products perform correctly time and time again.

How important is the CV Show to Locks 4 Vans?

The CV Show is in our view the most important Commercial Vehicle event of the year.  It provides L4V the opportunity to showcase our products in front of manufacturers and customers alike – a place to meet old friends, be introduced to new customers, network with other businesses and generally keep ourselves updated on industry trends. Having the ability to have in-depth discussions with customers to better understand their needs is invaluable to our team, and we look forward to showing customers what we’ve been up to in the past year.

Terry Rayner, Commercial Director, Locks4Vans

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