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Five minutes with… Richard Lane, Global Product Director, VisionTrack

08 June 2023 #Features & Interviews

Tell us a bit more about the history of VisionTrack?

VisionTrack was founded in 2016 by our CEO, Simon Marsh, based on the ethos of saving lives. His passion for using technology to improve safety was ignited during his time as a fleet owner when an employee was killed in a vehicle collision. It took over a year for the coroner’s report to come through and clear his driver of any wrongdoing, while Simon’s own investigation, to find out exactly what had happened and why, was hampered by inadequate telemetry data.

Simon’s experience inspired him to become a technology pioneer and lead the business to the forefront of the video telematics sector, underpinned by multi-award-winning IoT platform, Autonomise.ai. Our vision is to create a world where all road-users are kept safe from harm, so are using latest advances in edge-and cloud-based AI to mitigate the impact of road, driver and fleet risk.

Can you give us details about the AI-powered post-analysis software NARA and how it can help commercial vehicle operators?

NARA is transforming how collisions, near misses and driving events are reviewed and monitored by automatically analysing vehicle camera footage. The cloud-based software automatically removes false positive events and monitors driver behaviour, without the need for human involvement. This is a true game changer in the world of video telematics as it will help save time, costs and most importantly lives, by providing proactive risk intervention and accurate incident validation.

For example, one logistics fleet operating 1,100 vehicles generated over 12,000 priority videos a single month, previously needing around 70 hours to review. Using NARA, the events needing human validation and intervention reduced to just 15, making it possible to check in a matter of minutes. The software also detected 400 near misses with other motor vehicles and 90 near misses with vulnerable road users, which is supporting the company’s road safety and fleet risk reduction strategy.

Describe VisonTrack’s partnership with Applied Driving – does it apply to commercial vehicle fleets?

We have teamed up with Applied Driving to develop a video-enabled safe driving solution that brings together the proven benefits of automated risk reduction, 360-degree vision and cloud-based video analysis for the first time.

Our aim is to revolutionise fleet safety, across all vehicle types, by optimising driver engagement and coaching through the provision of targeted training that is supported with relevant video and data insight. What is particularly unique is that we can utilise footage from around the vehicle, captured by forward, driver, side and rear facing cameras, including a growing range of AI devices.

What are the benefits of your sponsorship of the British Truck Racing Championship?

Our advanced camera solution is helping the British Truck Racing Championship to maintain the highest levels of race safety, while providing action-packed content that will attract new fans to this exciting motorsport. Race officials can access footage from forward-facing, rear-view and in-cab cameras within seconds to speed-up in-race investigations, while livestream video from each truck assists with the management of on/off track race compliance.

HD video is also available during and post-race for livestream broadcasting, media clips and a TV highlights programme. This is an exciting partnership that is putting our video telematics technology to the test in the most challenging operating environment.

Tell us about your partnership with Driving for Better Business?

We became a delivery partner for Driving for Better Business last year as part of our commitment to road safety and supporting our aim of eliminating road deaths and injuries. Our aim is to engage and educate those who use the road network for work by sharing resources, expertise, support and thought leadership. Through the partnership, we believe that we can encourage organisations and their drivers to operate on the road in a safe, efficient and sustainable way.

Richard Lane, Global Product Director, VisionTrack

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