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Equipmake agrees electric tour bus repower deal

05 October 2023 #Bus and Coach

Sightseeing company Big Bus Tours has signed an agreement that will repower 10 of its double decker open-top buses in London with Equipmake’s electric drivetrain technology.

The vehicles involved are all Ankai double-deck sightseeing buses, with each to incorporate Equipmake’s Zero-Emission Drivetrain (ZED) technology, which in this specification includes a 327kWh capacity battery that provides a daily range of 120 miles.

Its first vehicle will enter service in the first three months of 2024.

The ZED is completely modular and scalable and can be applied to single as well as double-decker buses. It features Equipmake’s in-house developed electric motor, inverter and power electronics, combined with lithium-ion batteries.

Equipmake’s patented thermal management system maintains all of the key ZED components at an optimum operating temperature, maximising vehicle range.

Featuring an advanced water-glycol cooling circuit, the system has the extra benefit of providing interior heating during cold conditions with captured thermal energy.

When the battery is depleted at the end of a complete duty cycle, it can be recharged at the depot overnight via a CSS DC charging point.

Ian Foley, CEO of Equipmake, said: “By choosing to repower, Big Bus Tours will not only benefit from an excellent opportunity to achieve net-zero targets and play a key role in improving local air quality, but also make significant operating cost savings over the purchase of a new electric bus.”

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