Five minutes with… John Killick, Senior Consultant, Morris Commercial

12 October 2023 #Uncategorised

How did the new Morris Commercial company start? 

Morris Commercial Ltd is a UK-based automotive design, engineering, and manufacturing start-up with innovation as its core value and a vision of creating desirable carbon neutral transport. Morris Commercial is set to be revived as a British icon with state-of-the-art, zero emission technology that will be carbon neutral over its lifecycle. At the same time, these newly engineered vehicles will have the original, timeless Morris Commercial design and craftmanship.

Several years’ dedication and tireless effort means that Morris Commercial successfully unveiled its very first vehicle, the all-new battery electric Morris JE, at the London Design Museum in November 2019. It is the first Morris vehicle unveiled in over 50 years.

Give us more details about the technical specification of your Morris JE van? 

The new Morris JE boasts a fully electric powertrain, lightweight modular skateboard chassis and battery pack. It has an ultralightweight, fully recycled carbon fibre monocoque body that was developed over two years, providing body strength, integrity, light weight and sustainability.

The body and chassis materials make the Morris JE one of the lightest LCVs in the marketplace, with an expected range of between 200 and 250 miles. It will also be highly adaptable for future derivatives, such as a pickup, minibus or camper van.

What types of driver/operator is the van aimed at? 

Morris Commercial believes the JE will be attractive to small boutique businesses that crave individuality as well as larger corporate fleets, while there are numerous luxury and lifestyle brands and businesses that could make use of its differentiation from other LCVs. Obvious examples would include hospitality industry, the sport and leisure industry, high end manufacturing businesses, the events business, tradespeople and green logistics.

When and where is it due to go into production? 

In the following 12 months, Morris Commercial will focus on refining the engineering on the unique modular, lightweight and highly efficient chassis – with innovative technologies, the world’s first full carbon fibre commercial vehicle body using predominantly recycled carbon fibre material and a complete innovative new manufacturing process and vehicle construction method.

It will complete fully off-tool production prototypes and vehicles certification, acquire a suitable production facility and manufacture production tooling, starting delivery of vehicles towards the end of 2024.

What does the funding received earlier this year from C4C allow Morris Commercial to do? 

An Employee Ownership Trust has been gifted by both the current shareholders and incoming investors, with all Morris Commercial employees set to benefit from as new shareholders. Since the new funding round, Morris Commercial has recruited further industry talent and expertise to form an excellent senior management team with strong credentials of successful delivery.

The team will focus on accelerating further R&D, engineering validation, certification, and productisation, forming and strengthening its partnerships with core suppliers and establishing the company’s production facilities.

For more information about Morris Commercial Ltd, visit here.

Five minutes with… John Killick, Senior Consultant, Morris Commercial

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