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Five minutes with… Richard Owens, Group Marketing Manager, Don-Bur

16 November 2023 #Features & Interviews

Tell us about your new high-volume double deck trailer for Allied Bakeries?

Don-Bur and Allied Bakeries have been at the forefront of innovation in the commercial vehicle industry for over two decades and our newly developed straight-frame tri-axle trailers represent the latest chapter in this partnership. With an overall height of five metres and a fifth wheel height of only 1.09 metres, these trailers boast internal heights exceeding 1.8 metres on both decks, allowing Allied Bakeries to optimise their transportation capabilities.

The load footprint is equivalent to an impressive 52 UK pallets, showcasing a maximum capacity for this length of trailer. Each high-volume double deck trailer will replace two single deck equivalents, almost halving the on-the-road carbon emissions for every delivery they make.

These trailers feature ribbed aluminium Bakadek planks on both decks, ensuring ease of maintenance and cleaning. The high-polish stainless steel rearframe and special chassis galvanisation are also both key features that contribute to the longevity of the trailers and minimize their environmental impact.

And what about the involvement of your sister company Sapphire Graphics house in the project?

In addition to their remarkable design and functionality, these trailers feature a visually striking full coverage livery produced by Don-Bur’s very own graphics house, Sapphire. This livery not only enhances the aesthetic appeal but also reinforces the brand identity of Allied Bakeries on the road.

Describe Don-Bur’s new Delta Rave and Key Load Restraint product?

The new Delta load restraint solution has been developed as an alternative to eliminate rave hooks and provide a strong and flexible strap anchor point suitable for rave-to-rave lashing. The system comprises two parts: a specialised side rave and a unique Delta key.

The Delta key can be inserted into the rave and twisted through 90 degrees to locate it. Once located, you can slide it forwards or backwards along the rave to the right location before tensioning using a standard ratchet. It can be applied from either the outside from ground level or from the inside when the curtains are closed.

Independent testing was carried out to a maximum strain of 5,550kgs, which is more than sufficient to support the majority of rave-to-rave lashings.

Finally, what can you tell us about Don-Bur’s new bodywork training centre in Stoke-on-Trent?

Don-Bur is one of the biggest employers in Stoke-on-Trent and, following the successful launch of the Welder Training Hub in January 2022, we have this year invested a further £45,000 in a new Bodywork Training Centre at our head office location in Longton. The move highlights both the importance of the workforce and the ongoing need for continuous improvement.

The new dedicated facility will focus on new starters and apprentices and is designed to develop a wide range of practical skills required for building commercial vehicle bodies and trailers.

Numerous areas are covered including interpretation of engineering drawings, the correct use of tools and Health & Safety compliance to name a few. The unit will be run and supported by three long-serving team members with an impressive 40 plus years of experience between them, each with their own specialist knowledge.

Richard Owens, Group Marketing Manager, Don-Bur.

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