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Keltruck supplies LKQ with gas-powered Scania units

18 January 2024 #Tractor #Trailer #Truck

Keltruck has supplied LKQ Euro Car Parts with 30 compressed natural gas (CNG) tractor units.

All of LKQ’s Scania vehicles are fully maintained by Keltruck’s Tamworth depot on five-year full repair and maintenance packages.

The standard repair and maintenance from the factory is two to three years.

LKQ Euro Car Parts is also planning to take 10 additional CNG Scania rigid vehicles thanks to the success of the existing CNG tractor units.

Gas engines are known for their fuel efficiency with drivability, low fuel consumption and ranges of up to 1,700km.

Scania’s gas powertrains are available with P/G/R/S-series cabs, meaning they can be used for urban rigid operations, all the way through to long-distance haulage.

A 9-litre engine for lighter urban operations and a 13-litre engine suited to heavier loads makes gas power a viable option for a multitude of uses.

Noise pollution is reduced too, as gas engines typically run more quietly than their diesel counterparts, with the 13-litre engine meeting the PIEK noise limitation standard.

Keltruck has been supplying and maintaining LKQ’s fleet for more than ten years and the company aims to have 100% Scania trucks in its fleet by 2024.

Ryan Cleary, Head of Transport at LKQ Euro Car Parts, said: “We chose Scania CNG vehicles to enable a reduction in our CO₂ footprint and move us towards a more sustainable future.

“We’ve had them running in our fleet for more than six months and they are performing well in all areas of the business.”

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