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Five minutes with… Lee Foxall, Sales Manager, Ring Carnation

01 February 2024 #Features & Interviews

Describe Ring Carnation’s Products?

Ring Carnation’s core product is the electrical power management system – Genisys. Originally designed to service the blue light emergency service sector, it is the number one in power control and switch management, providing a key service within the specialist conversion industry.

When it comes to complex mission critical vehicles such as ambulances, fire brigades and police vehicles, ensuring intelligent and reliable battery load distribution is vital to not only minimise vehicle downtime, but to also keep life-saving equipment and vital electronics functioning in emergency situations. Genisys is optimised for these and other very high-demand vehicles, acting as the gateway to all auxiliary equipment, reducing battery loads through intelligent monitoring and efficient power distribution.

Ring Carnation is uniquely positioned in the market with its additional covering of inverters, work lighting, hazard lighting and interior lighting to offer customers a one-stop shop tailored solution for a multitude of sectors from ambulances to welfare vehicles.

How do your products benefit the emergency services?

Emergency service vehicles are complicated machines with sophisticated electronics on board to save lives and keep people safe. At their heart, they remain a vehicle that needs to get from A to B. Ring Carnation’s Genisys operating system provides power control and switch management to enable vehicles to respond to incidents and carry out their duties consistently.

In the ambulance sector, vehicles have a wide variety of life saving equipment that is vital to work when needed. As such ambulance authorities in the UK have been working together to create a standard specification for vehicle builders to work from. This creates efficiency in maintenance and simplifies installation. This standardised layout ensures ambulance crews can quickly and easily access the equipment they require, with potentially life-saving results.

Ring Carnation partners with specialist vehicle builders and various NHS Trusts up and down the country to provide a standardised system across multiple different vehicles and application requirements. The nature of Genisys as a system, means it can be customised for different applications that share the same operating systems, helping to create a common standard in the ambulance sector.

The police service has the widest variety of vehicles from dog vans and standard patrol cars to custody and riot vans. Such a variety of vehicles makes the Genisys and Ring Carnation proposition suitably placed – providing bespoke solutions with a common operating platform.

Tell us about your role at Ring Carnation?

I look after the technical sales of Ring Carnation products to emergency vehicle fleets across police, ambulance and fire sectors and smaller technical build opportunities. What I most enjoy about working for the company is the camaraderie, the back-up and the support of the teams from across all departments.

I have the opportunity to take the company into new sectors and assist in the development of very technically advanced products with specific customers in mind. The thing I believe that sets Ring Carnation apart from our competitors is the scale and breadth of the business across many sectors and our global reach.

Outside of work, what would you consider your greatest achievement?

Getting to this age in my life – considering my need for adrenaline, racing motorbikes, snowboarding, scuba diving and skydiving.

Lee Foxall, Sales Manager, Ring Carnation.

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