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15 February 2024 #TNB News

We are just one month away from the highly anticipated SMMT Connected 2024, set to take place in London. This flagship event will bring together more than 400 senior representatives from industry, government, media, and key stakeholders. SMMT Connected was last held in 2019, and significant advancements have occurred in automated vehicles over the past five years.

While automated driving for cars have received a lot of attention, it’s worth noting that buses have led the way in deploying automated vehicles on public roads, through the CAVForth project in Scotland.

SMMT Connected’s event programme will boast an array of sessions featuring speakers from the commercial vehicle sector. Dr. René Sebastian Hosse from Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles will contribute to a panel session discussing the potential use cases for automated driving technology, lessons learned from trials and demonstrations, and the remaining challenges hindering the commercial deployment of automated vehicles. Delegates will also gain insights into the government’s plans for regulating the safe and responsible introduction of automated vehicles on roads.

Another crucial aspect of automated vehicle adoption is building public trust. Kevin Green from Logistics UK will participate in a panel exploring strategies to enhance public trust and confidence in this technology. Discussions will delve into the efficiency and operational benefits of connected and automated mobility (CAM) for commercial and business users, as well as its potential to democratize access to mobility.

In a session titled ‘Seeing is Believing’, Peter Hafman from Scania will showcase real-world examples of commercial automated vehicle deployment. The panel will share valuable insights gleaned from these early rollouts and discuss the keys to achieving public and commercial acceptance of this transformative technology.

SMMT Connected 2024 promises to be an enlightening and insightful event, offering a comprehensive overview of the current state and future prospects of automated vehicles in the commercial sector.

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