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Five minutes with… Matt McConaghy, Commercial Director at ARB UK/Truckman

25 April 2024 #Features & Interviews

Tell us about the company’s BASE roof rack product?

One of ARB’s flagship products is the BASE Rack roof rack, a version of which is already a best seller amongst 4×4 and pick-up drivers. Made from lightweight yet extremely strong aluminium, the BASE Rack provides a sturdy platform to carry extra gear on top of the van or pick-up. It features a unique dovetail design which facilitates quick and versatile attachment of various accessories. Owners can outfit their roof rack with accessories like bike racks, awnings, roof tents, spare tyre holders, and more to transform their van or pick-up into an all-purpose explorer vehicle.

Can you give us more details about your modular drawer system?

For extra storage and organisation inside the vehicle, ARB is also offering its popular modular drawer system. Made to slide smoothly in and out on low-profile tracks, the drawers provide secure and accessible storage without compromising valuable storage and relaxation space. The drawer systems can be custom-configured to suit any layout. To truly make a van a home away from home, a slide-out kitchen drawer offers a two-burner stove, collapsible sink and counter top.

Tell us about the new and improved version of the DECKED Drawer system?

DECKED’s new system is able to handle up to 181kg in a single drawer due to its use of high-density polyethylene (HDPE). It is also designed for weatherproof reliability, providing secure storage in all conditions and is backed by a limited three-year warranty.

Key features of DECKED’s Drawer System includes a weatherproof design for use with or without additional covers – such as a hardtop – and robust security with lockable tailgate features. It comes with a non-slip rubber mat to ensure cargo stability during transit, while the 454kg payload-rated deck allows for confident loading of heavy items. This innovation represents the firm’s commitment to providing drivers with reliable, secure and customisable storage solutions.

DECKED is truly tried and tested and offers security and versatility so drivers feel comfortable that their belongings are safe, from the weather, thieves and any off-road antics. The new system supports the commitment to environmental sustainability with construction from 100% recycled steel and HDPE materials. There is also a three-year warranty, providing customers with added peace of mind.

A range of accessories are included with the Drawer System. These include the e D-CO Case Sixer 16, D-CO Case Halfrack 32, and D-CO Bin 32 and the new Stash Bins. These provide truck owners with secure options for organising tools and gear thanks to their high-impact polymer constructions, one-handed open/close functionality, waterproof capabilities, and a modular stable-stack system.

What else can ARB UK offer UK customers?

Vans and pick-ups are no longer just vehicles for tradespeople; they are a lifestyle choice, increasingly popular for recreational adventures, weekends away and even permanent residences. We are delighted to be part of this exciting trend, recognising the evolving needs of vehicle owners in the UK.

In a world where vans and pick-ups are becoming increasingly customised and unique to their owners, ARB UK is thrilled to be the architect of these transformative experiences. We’re not just providing accessories; we’re unlocking the potential for unforgettable journeys, offering a kaleidoscope of possibilities for vehicle owners to infuse their personality and passions into their mobile home away from home.

Matt McConaghy, Commercial Director at ARB UK/Truckman

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