Five minutes with… Liz Haselden, Marketing Manager, Aquarius IT

16 May 2024 #Uncategorised

Tell us about the newly updated Aquarius App?

Aquarius IT’s newly updated Aquarius App fully supports a company’s range of integrated driver and vehicle software solutions and provides companies with a robust, efficient, and transparent digital compliance management solution.

Built with the driver in mind, the Aquarius App makes it easy for users to communicate, interact, and record data, and it ensures that drivers have fingertip access to essential company information, in real-time, on a day-to-day basis from their mobile or tablet.

It supports Daily Driver Defect Reporting, Incident reporting, Document Management, eSIGN (Infringement reporting) and the other Aquarius solutions, and  features updated ‘service’ icons that reflect Aquarius’s branding, to make the navigation process between each of the services more efficient, and quicker and simpler to use.

The App also fully integrates with the Aquarius tachograph analysis and asset maintenance software systems, with driver and vehicle data seamlessly, and securely delivered from the driver back to the road transport office in real time for monitoring, actioning and in-depth reporting.

Describe your Asset Maintenance product?

When managing company vehicles, trailers, fork lift trucks or any other company assets that require periodic maintenance or inspection, the Asset Maintenance solution allows businesses to take control and provides improved visibility of the fleet.

With 24/7 access to fleet and asset data from any web-enabled device, businesses can schedule and plan maintenance events helping to reduce vehicle downtime, providing a full audit trail.

Asset Maintenance provides environmental benefits through reducing the vast amounts of paperwork and printing required from traditional paper-based techniques. Data can be introduced into the system through multiple methods to provide a comprehensive digital record including the conversion of paper records to custom digital sheets.

The user-friendly interface allows templates and schedules to be tailored to any asset type, within any specialised industry, for multi-site or lone-worker operations, in turn increasing the visibility and auditability of fleet and asset activity.

The convenient customer workshop portal allows third party or outsourced maintenance providers to supply data straight into Asset Maintenance, delivering a complete digital storage solution.

What about your eSIGN product?

The eSIGN product offers operators the opportunity to manage infringement records efficiently, with all the documentation securely stored within ClockWatcher Elite.

For ease of management eSIGN also categorises all documents based on their status and clearly highlights if further actions are required.

By default, this digital system also reduces the administrative burden associated with managing reams of paper records, and saves money on printing and storage costs.

And finally, tell us about the ClockWatcher Elite system?

ClockWatcher Elite is at the cutting edge of drivers’ hours compliance; this comprehensive digital and analogue data management tool offers a new generation of Tachograph Analysis software. It is a favourite, and proven solution, for operators managing all areas of compliance and driver data with UK domestic and EU regulations.

Like all of our compliance solutions, ClockWatcher Elite has been designed by our in-house team of industry experts, who recognise our customer’s requirements for efficiency, sustainability and economy with their compliance solutions.

Liz Haselden, Marketing Manager, Aquarius IT

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