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Five minutes with….Sergio De Michele, Managing Director, Fire Safety Stick

05 June 2024 #Features & Interviews #TNB News

Describe the fire safety stick?

The Fire Safety Stick is a manual, portable fire extinguishing device.

Already installed in many company vehicles across the country, as well as a growing number of fire service and other emergency services vehicles, it is an innovative, proven, compact and light fire extinguisher.

The stick is the perfect replacement for the typical 1kg or 2kg dry powder fire extinguisher currently carried in the majority of company vehicles regardless of whether they are commercial vans or management cars.

How does it work?

Unlike a dry chemical extinguisher that combats a blaze by depositing a large amount of solid powder on the fire, the Fire Safety Stick fights a fire by releasing a gas.

This gas attaches itself to the oxygen surrounding the fire robbing its ability to stick to the chain of combustion – without affecting one’s ability to breath that oxygen. The goal is therefore to use the gas coming out the Fire Safety Stick to create a ‘cloud of containment’ around a fire.

It uses a Potassium ion jet – a unique method among conventional fire extinguishers – that works by interrupting a fire’s chain of reaction.

Fire Safety Stick is composed of stable, solid minerals, it does not contain gas and is not pressurised. The aerosol-like jet is only produced when the charger is struck with its base. The produced aerosol jet is free of thrust and is essentially an inert salt that emits gas already present in the atmosphere.

What is the best way to tackle a fire with it?

Creating a cloud that prevents any outside and un-attached oxygen from getting to the fire is essential.

The two worst things you can do when fighting a fire with a gas extinguisher is to be too close or to rush the process.

The best technique is to take advantage of the long discharge time offered by the Fire Safety Stick and to approach a fire from a moderate distance progressively getting closer to its source. During the approach, move the Fire Safety Stick slowly around the fire always directing towards the centre. This will contain the fire and allow the gas the ability to work.

Is the Fire Safety Stick cost effective?

Significant long-term savings can be made by changing over to the Fire Safety Stick. Firstly, it needs no annual servicing unlike all pressurised extinguishers, thereby meaning no external profession fire technicians need to visit a company’s premises. And it has at least triple the life span of those traditional pressurised extinguishers.

As the Fire Safety Stick is not pressurised, the regular inspections can be carried out by a firm’s own staff at a time or place to suit the business. This also reduces administration time, and inconvenience.

And what are its other advantages?

The Fire Safety Stick leaves no damaging mess or residue, is completely safe to use and has no impact on the environment. Plus, it is certified to deal with more classifications of fires.

Sergio De Michele
Managing Director, Fire Safety Stick

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