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Car Section Committee

The Car Section Committee is one of the most important opportunities for the UK car industry to discuss key issues, highlight emerging trends and identify areas of common interest. The Committee is recognised by external stakeholders as the main mechanism for gathering industry views and support for specific initiatives. The UK has one of the most competitive and dynamic car markets in Europe. It also has some of the most active consumer and motoring media, as well as NGOs campaigning across a range of safety, security and environmental issues.

The Car Section is open to all UK manufacturers and importers of passenger cars and light commercial vehicles. Any member of Car Section can be nominated to become a member of the Committee. The Committee is elected every two years and its chairman is elected by members.

The Committee takes a close interest in the wide-range of issues impacting on the UK motor industry. These include the work undertaken by the Motor Vehicle Registration and Information Service (MVRIS), Motor Codes Ltd and the SMMT’s involvement in car and light commercial vehicle exhibitions and events. Policy affecting vehicle taxation, standards and regulation are high on the Committee’s agenda.

The Committee takes a particular interest in efforts to promote careers in the UK motor industry, support the development of skills and training and promote the benefits and value of the franchise dealer network.

It oversees SMMT’s relationship with important stakeholders, including government departments, the insurance industry, EU institutions, consumer bodies, trading standards institutes and the media.

Car Section Committee agendas, minutes and papers are available to members of the committee, in the restricted area of this site or as distributed by the committee secretary.

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