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Connected and Automated Vehicles Forum

The Connected and Automated Vehicles (CAV) Forum was established to bring together SMMT members and a community of stakeholders from government and key adjacent industries closely involved in the development and advancement of connected and automated vehicles to accelerate conversations, collaborations and partnerships.

The CAV Forum, which meets four times per annum, comprises:

  • SMMT members (vehicle manufacturers, suppliers and aftermarket businesses);
  • Specially invited representatives from key adjacent industries (technology, telecoms, consumer electronics, systems integration, infrastructure, insurance, legal, business and mobility services, and payments);
  • Government (Centre for Connected and Automated Vehicles; Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy; Department for Transport; Department for Culture, Media and Sport) and public bodies (Innovate UK, Highways England, Catapults, Transport for London); and
  • Universities and research organisations active in R&D in directly related areas.

By actively participating, CAV Forum members can:

  • Participate in high-level dialogue with government and stakeholders
  • Obtain information, insights, emerging business models and sector/cross-sector updates that can better inform business strategy
  • Inform and influence policy making, public awareness and acceptance of the new technology
  • Participate in industry efforts to map and communicate the environment and capabilities
  • Identify new funding and scout out potential collaboration opportunities

To join the CAV Forum please email David Wong.

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