SMMT Committees

Connectivity Technical (WG)

Communication between vehicles, infrastructure and other road users is crucial to increase the safety of vehicles and their integration in the overall transport system. The aim of the Connectivity Technical Working Group (CTWG) is ensure members are aware of the latest developments in vehicle connectivity and are able to influence where appropriate future standards or regulations emerging in this area. The group will also focus on European initiatives such as CCAM and the C-ITS Platform.

Each Connectivity Technical Working Group meeting shall facilitate discussion to advance the best interests of the members of SMMT in any area that affects vehicle connectivity, specifically to:

  1. Vehicle to Vehicle (V2V) and Vehicle to Infrastructure (V2I) communication
  2. European eCall and UN Accident Emergency Call System (AECS)
  3. Digital Radio
  4. Frequency allocation and spectrum sharing
  5. User behaviour with regard to connectivity
  6. Monitor and influence, UK, European and International communication/connectivity standards, including BS, ISO, IEC and CENELEC.
  7. Represent the viewpoints of SMMT members’ at the respective national and international regulation forums (UK/EU/UN).
  8. Support members in all technical areas concerned with vehicle connectivity.
  9. Provide advice and recommendations to the SMMT Technical Committees, inclusive of the CLCVTC, HCVTC and Engineering Committee.
  10. Ensure co-ordination with the UK government departments (OFCOM, C-CAV) on vehicle connectivity.
  11. Seek the guidance of the SMMT Type Approval Working Group on matters of Type Approval certification and vehicle registration

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