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Electric Vehicle Supply Chain Group

The transition to electric vehicles (EV) is accelerating. The industrial environment and landscape is changing and the transition represents a significant generational opportunity, but also a risk for the existing manufacturing supply chain based in the UK. To keep pace, companies across the manufacturing supply chain, from vehicle manufacturers through to raw materials providers will need to adapt and may need to pivot their capabilities to manufacture or assembly new products

The EV Supply Chain Group (EV SCG) aims to bring together SMMT member representatives across the EV manufacturing supply chain including vehicle manufacturers, component manufacturing suppliers and EV technology and product developers. Where relevant, the group will also bring in external experts and stakeholders to provide updates and insight.

The groups aims to:

  • Provide opportunities for companies in the EV supply chain to build partnerships and collaboration
  • Provide a forum through SMMT to ensure the supply chains key messages can be taken back to UK government and/or key stakeholders
  • Present latest technology, innovation and manufacturing developments
  • Provide regular updates on key industry developments, government policy changes and regulation changes that may impact the supply chain
  • Allow appropriate input in response to policy changes or legislative proposals

The EV SCG will meet three to four times per year facilitated at the invitation of SMMT, with additional meetings and smaller working groups or workshops convened where deemed necessary.

To participate in the EV SCG or to find out more, please email


EV Supply Chain Directory


The EV Directory provides a snapshot of the UK’s capability across the new technology areas which will be critical for the vehicle electrification transition. It is a showcase of what the UK is already doing in terms of EV component design, development and manufacture.

Race to Zero: Powering Up Britain’s EV Supply Chain


Race to Zero: Powering Up Britain’s EV Supply Chain sets out the UK’s intrinsic strengths in advanced automotive manufacturing, low carbon energy and R&D, but stresses the need for an urgent response to initiatives such as the US $370 billion Inflation Reduction Act and EU Green Deal Industrial Plan.


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