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The SMMT Electric Vehicle Group (EVG) has been set up to support the UK’s emergent EV industry, and the Electric Vehicle Technical Working Group (EVTWG) is a subset of this group, established to provide technical support on the issues facing the EVG. The technical working group includes organisations from all areas of the electric vehicle (EV) industry; including the major OEMs, niche vehicle manufacturers and their system/component supply chain, e.g. traction batteries and charging systems; and UK stakeholders that provide the battery charging infrastructure, e.g. energy companies and charging facilities. The EVTWG provides technical support to EV technologies, vehicle design, manufacturing/operating processes, and type approval/registration requirements.
The term ‘Electric Vehicle’ (EV) is applied to any vehicle which is powered, fully or in part, by an electrical propulsion system with traction battery. Today, EVs are known as:
•BEV – Battery Electric Vehicles (plug-in, battery power only)
•PHEV – Plug In Hybrid Electric Vehicle (combination of plug-in battery power and an internal combustion engine e.g. petrol, diesel, hydrogen).
•EREV – Extended Range Electric Vehicles (combination of battery power – plug-in or in-vehicle charging – with an internal combustion engine e.g. petrol, diesel, hydrogen).
The EVTWG supports the above EVs, including passenger cars and commercial vehicles, but excluding quadricycles.
To represent members viewpoints, and:-
•Monitor and influence UK, European and Global electric vehicle component, system and whole vehicle legislation, with a focus on the technical requirements of BEV, PHEV and EREV vehicles.
•Monitor and influence UK, European and International technical standards related to EVs, including ISO, IEC, BS, CENELEC and ETSI.
•Promote the introduction of Pan-European/Global harmonised technical requirements for both legislation and standards.
•Ensure co-ordination with the UK government departments on EV technical matters.
•Liaise with other SMMT Technical Committees, Working Groups and Trade Sections on subjects relating to common vehicle systems, i.e. not unique to BEV/PHEV/EREV vehicles.
•Liaise with the SMMT Type Approval Working Group on matters of EV Type Approval certification and National/International Vehicle Registration.
The EVTWG sets priorities annually:
•Performance Measurement
•Traction Batteries
•Type Approval / EV Legislation
•Smart Metering / Smart Grid
Membership of the working group is open to SMMT member companies who are involved in the research, development, design, manufacture and operation of EVs. Balanced representation from selected elements of the system/component supply chain and charging infrastructure is encouraged. EVTWG information is shared only with members in the restricted area of this site, or as distributed by the working group secretary by e-mail.
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