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Electromagnetic Compatibility WG

The Electromagnetic Compatibility Working Group (EMCWG) reports directly to the Car & Light CV TC (CLCVTC). It is supported by a Standards Sub Committee (SSC), and Electromagnetic Compatibility Interest Group (EMCIG). The group monitors all future EMC draft EU/UNECE legislation, keeps members informed of developments and briefs their representatives with a view to provide effective lobbying in the appropriate legislation-framing committees. The group also monitors draft ISO, CISPR, and CEN standards dealing with the topic and provides a conduit through which members can influence the framing of the standards. In line with technological progress the group also monitor radio frequency (for radar based devices) and ITS legislation, restricted to its effect on vehicle EMC in-service performance and conformance to TA/National safety & legal requirements. The Electromagnetic Compatibility Working Group and its Standards Sub Committee meet regularly, and its activities are reviewed annually by the joint Car & Light CV TC (CLCVTC) and Heavy CV TC (HCVTC). An “one page” executive summary of each main group meeting is sent to all members of the CLCVTC, and is published in the monthly PPVL Technical Bulletin, which is available to all SMMT members on the site. Technical Circulars, regarding EMC legislative and standards are issued to the EMCWG and EMCIG (where appropriate) on a regular basis and listed in the Monthly Technical Bulletin. Any fully, paid-up SMMT member company can apply to join. However, group correspondence is only available in the restricted area of the site or as distributed by the Group secretary. For further information please

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