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Engineering Committee

The Engineering Committee is responsible to the Executive Committee for the formulation of policy and the co-ordination of all SMMT activity on engineering matters affecting the development and construction of vehicles and their components.
The members of the committee are drawn from:
•five car manufacturers
•two truck manufacturers
•three component manufacturers,
•the chairmen of the Heavy Commercial Vehicle Technical Committee (HCVTC), and Car and Light Commercial Vehicle Technical Committee (Car & LCVTC).
The Engineering Committee ensures due account of positions already or subsequently established by ACEA, OICA, CLEPA and EUROMOT.
The Engineering Committee has an established Committee and ad-hoc working group reporting structure which deals with specific issues under its direction. The Committee is managed by a chairman and a secretary.
The Executive Committee is given a brief report at every meeting. Committee correspondence is available for members in the restricted area of this site or as distributed by the Committee secretary.
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