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Environmental Policy Committee

Purpose of the Environmental Policy Committee is for formulating Society policy on all environmental matters that impact on vehicle and component manufacture, vehicle usage during its life and proper disposal and recovery on reaching the end of its life.
The Environmental Policy Committee has an established committee and ad-hoc working group reporting structure, which deals with specific and detailed issues under its direction.
The Committee is responsible to the SMMT Executive, and is managed by a Chairperson and a Secretary.
SMMT Vehicle and Component manufacturers representing the following functions at a senior level can apply for membership. Environmental Affairs, Engineering – Government affairs, Health & Safety, Toxicology and the Chairpersons of the working groups and Engineering Committees.
The Executive Board is given a brief report at every Board meeting. Distribution of the committee’s correspondence is the responsibility of the committee Secretary. Committee Minutes and Agendas are circulated to the committee members.
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