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Fuels WG

The SMMT is considering the use of alternative fuels that have the potential to further reduce the climate change impact of the use of motor vehicles. It will also examine the increasing inter-relationship of fuel and vehicle technology. The SMMT Fuels WG considers the options for future fuels in the light of the simultaneous need for CO2 reductions, emission control, and security of energy supply. The committee primarily addresses ‘Climate Change’ and ‘Air Quality’ challenges. It does not specifically address the challenges of ‘Noise’ and ‘Resource Use’.
The working group reports to and is annually reviewed by the Environmental Policy Committee. Full SMMT members may apply to join group.
A ‘one page’ synopsis of meetings is published in the monthly Technical Bulletin which is available to all SMMT members on this site.
Group correspondence is available to members in the restricted area of the site or as distributed by the Working Group secretary.
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