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Hazardous Materials WG

The SMMT Hazardous Materials Working Group (HMWG) is to provide expert advice and guidance on hazardous materials management.

To liaise with other organisations on common issues relevant to the core business of the Working Group, and promote the recognition of the Hazardous Materials Working Group as an expert group within the automotive sector.

The group reports to the Environmental Policy Committee.

The HMWG shall comprise representatives from SMMT members concerned with hazardous materials. The group meets twice a year facilitated at the invitation of SMMT. The group reports to the Environmental Policy Committee.

HMWG Objectives:

  1. Monitoring and influencing, UK, European and Global hazardous materials related legislation.
  2. Monitoring and influencing, UK, European and International hazardous materials Standards.
  3. Represent the viewpoints of SMMT members at the respective national and international legislation and standards forums.
  4. Seeking to promote one set of technical requirements on a global scale whether for legislation or standards, reflecting the needs of the different categories of vehicles and devices whether Original Equipment or aftermarket.
  5. Supporting members in all technical areas concerned with hazardous materials.
  6. Providing advice and recommendations to the SMMT technical boards and Environmental Policy Committee.
  7. Ensuring co-ordination with the UK government departments on hazardous material matters,
  8. On matters of Type Approval certification, the working group will seek the guidance of the SMMT Type Approval working group.

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