SMMT Committees


The Legal Committee meets to exchange views and help form a stance on:

  • any relevant legislative consultation paper with potential legal implications for the motor industry in the UK
  • any relevant case-law developments with implications for the motor industry in the UK
  • any matter on which the Executive require a Legal committee opinion
  • any legal matter raised by a member of the Committee which the chairman or Secretariat consider relevant for formal discussion.

Any in-house lawyer, whose employer enjoys full SMMT membership, and being someone holding a recognised legal qualification as either a solicitor or barrister or European Union Member State equivalent, may apply in writing to the Secretariat to join the Legal Committee.

The Committee meets quarterly and the chairman is normally elected biannually by ballot of Committee members.

Where issues arising require, the Secretariat in liaison with the chairman may convene additional meetings for the full Committee or such members of the Committee as the issue may concern.

Member correspondence is available in the restricted area of this site or as distributed by the Committee secretary.

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