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Remanufacturing Committee

The Remanufacturing Committee represents the interests of Aftermarket Section members active in the remanufacturing of automotive products for use in motor vehicles or trailers. Limited in size, its membership consists of a mixture of SMMT members and representatives of other interested parties. It reports to the main Aftermarket Committee.
The Remanufacturing Interest Group is the main channel of information to members. It is an e-mail correspondence group to which members may attach as many representatives as they wish. Membership is restricted to SMMT members.
The remit of these two groups is torepresent members’ interests to UK government and other relevant organisations consult and inform members about current and proposed legislation and standards, whether UK or international.
The Remanufacturing Committee meets four times per year. Its agendas, minutes and papers are available to all Aftermarket Section members by accessing the restricted area of this site. For further information, please e-mail

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