CO2 Progress

    • Average new car CO2 emissions fall to new low, of 120.1g/km, in 2016
    • In the UK, average new car CO2 has fallen 33.6% since 2000 and is now some 20% lower than the average car in use.
    • This progress was supported by a 22.2% increase in alternatively-fuelled cars, with almost 90,000 registered.
    • The UK now has the largest zero emission capable car market in Europe, after a 28.6% volume rise last year.
    • Progress was slowed by a reduction in diesel car share, which fell 0.8% points to 47.7%.
    • Average light commercial vehicle CO2 was 173.7g/km in 2016, down 1.9%.
    • Total CO2 emissions from all vehicles in use cut by 4.6% between 2000 and 2015.

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