International Activities

Central and Eastern Europe (CEE) virtual round table

17 June 2020, 10:00 (BST)

The CEE region is one that has a lot of potential for UK suppliers. SMMT has partnered with Santander and Department for International Trade (DIT) to host a virtual roundtable in order to provide expert opinion on business development in the region with a focus on Czech Republic, Hungary and Slovakia.

The free of charge roundtable builds on a CEE market overview webinar in February, and prepares for a potential mission in October.

For an overview on the opportunities in the region listen back to our webinar here.

Czech Republic
Automotive is the largest industry in the Czech Republic accounting for more than 9% of its GDP, with 1.44 million passenger cars produced in 2018 and 55 of the global top 100 tier 1 suppliers having at least one production facility in the country. 33% of all investments are in R&D, and the focus in the automotive industry is increasingly on e-mobility.

There are approximately 700 automotive companies in Hungary, and around 500,000 passenger cars are produced, with 30% of the industrial output tied to the sector. E-mobility is a key focus, particularly on battery production capabilities.

Automotive has a 44% share of the country’s total industrial production and 40% of the total industrial exports. Slovakia is in the top 20 biggest car producers in the world with more than 1 million passenger cars produced per year. R&D centres and innovation networks are developed and steadily growing.

Next steps

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