Inward delegation: Catalonia

18 June 2024

An automotive delegation from Catalonia will be visiting the UK to meet with British businesses

Catalonia is home to 22% of Spain’s automotive companies and all levels of the value chain, including major suppliers and SEAT.

12 companies from Catalonia will be visiting London as part of MOVE 2024 and are eager to meet with British companies for partnerships.

  • Timing: 18 June 2:30 – 5:30
  • Venue: SMMT Office, London

More information on the Catalan companies making up the delegation is available here or below.



View the full catalogue here.

1. BUSUP – a mobility service provider which, thanks to its technology and innovative business model, offers efficient and flexible corporate commuting services. It is the #1 company in the EU and LATAM, and the first company in the world, to offer shared corporate shuttle services.

2. EBRO Factory – leads the revitalization of Barcelona’s former Nissan plants, offering customised manufacturing solutions. Specialisingin vehicle production processes such as metal stamping and battery assembly, they leverage advanced facilities and deep expertise from Nissan’s legacy to deliver high-quality manufacturing services.

3. Eurecat – Catalonia’s leading technological center, engaging in multi-sectoral R&D projects to tackle complex challenges. It offers diverse services in robotics, AI, sustainability, energy and biotechnology, helping companies at different development stages innovate and grow.

4. EVARM – specialises in converting vehicle fleets to alternative fuels, particularly hydrogen. Founded in 2015, the company provides turn-key solutions for trucks and buses, showcasing the benefits of hydrogen technology through significant projects, including a victorious entry in the 2024 Dakar Rally.

5. Floox by Premium PSU – designs, develops and manufactures fast and ultra-fast DC charging points. With a power range from 30kW to 360kW, they aim to revolutionize electric mobility and their mission is to create a more accessible and sustainable world.

6. Applus+ IDIADA – offers comprehensive automotive development services, including design, engineering, testing, and homologation. With over 30 years of expertise and a global presence, IDIADA supports clients with advanced facilities and a skilled team, focusing on innovation in vehicle safety and performance.

7. Idneo – a technology partner that excels in designing, developing, and manufacturing custom tech solutions. With a decade of experience, especially in the automotive market, they focus on delivering safe, connected mobility, aligning with OEM standards and shaping the future with their innovative products and services.

8. Lane Patrol – develops a mobile and web application to enhance cycling infrastructure safety. By collecting and analysing geo-referenced images, it assesses attributes like surface quality and lane width, using CycleRAPstandards, to help design and maintain safer and more attractive cycling networks globally.

9. NEMI – optimises public transport with its digital Demand Responsive Transport platform, enhancing bus and taxi services by dynamically adjusting routes based on real-time demand. Their technology ensures increased efficiency and improved user experiences in low-demand areas.

10. Seat Code – Unleash the power of shared and on-demand transport for any type of vehicle (cars, e-bikes, cargo bikes, scooters, motorcycles, shuttles and buses). Seat Code offers mobility software solutions for innovative and forward-looking cities, operators, companies, and organizations that are committed to creating a cleaner and more sustainable world.

11. Shad – part of NAD Group, established in 1973 in Barcelona, and specialisingin manufacturing automotive components, particularly OEM solutions for motorcycle seats and cases. Known for its innovation and quality, it serves a global market, ensuring top-tier products recognised for their durability and design excellence.

12. Xeed – pioneers in Energy-as-a-Service for e-motorcycles, offering an innovative battery swapping system. Designed for urban life, their solution promotes mass adoption by ensuring quick energy exchanges at existing points, enhancing practicality and sustainability of electric motorcycles for daily commutes.

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