Webinar: Baltic States – opportunities for UK automotive

27 May 2021

Baltic States – expand your business in Europe

The Baltic States (Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania) continue to be an interesting market for UK automotive with the potential for opportunities including partnerships and a place to expand your business in Europe, especially as the region is well placed for the Russian and Nordic markets too. SMMT hosted a session where we heard updates from each country’s automotive sector as well as from companies set up in the region and their perspective on the industry, including the topics of self-driving vehicles, ultracapacitors, e-buses and electric & plug-in commercial vehicles.

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1. Introduction from SMMT – Ruta Aisthorpe, Head of International and Events
2. Overview of automotive in the Baltics region from Baltic Automotive Components Cluster (BACC) – Giedrius Valuckas, Chairman of the Board
3. Specifics to each market:


  • Overview from Baltic Automotive Components Cluster (BACC) – Darius Lasionis, CEO
  • Electric and Plug-In Hybrid Commercial Vehicles from UAB Elinta Motors – Laurynas Jokužis, CEO
  • e-Buses from Vėjo projektai: e-buses Dancer producer – Alvydas Naujėkas, CEO


  • Overview from Estonian Embassy in London – Andreas Heiki Pant, FDI and Export Manager in the UK 
  • Self-driving vehicles from Auve Tech OÜ – Johannes Mossov, CEO
  • Ultracapacitors from Skeleton Technologies Group – Sebastian Pohlmann, VP of Innovation


  • Overview – Volburg SIA – Viktors Kononovs, Founder 
  • Electric and hybrid solutions from Drive eO – Kristaps Dambis, Project Director
  • 3D image technologies/display from Light Space 3D – Ilmars Osmanis, Co-Founder

4. Q&A (all)

Speaker Bios

Giedrius Valuckas, Chairman of the Board for Baltic Automotive Components Cluster (BACC) 

Giedrius Valuckas is a business practitioner specializing in the fields of manufacturing, business development and business consulting. During his career Giedrius has already accumulated more than 15 years of practical experience in working with world-class corporations in the engineering industry. Many years of work in cooperation with TOP companies allowed Giedrius to master business management and business development competencies and let him form a large circle of contacts. Giedrius occupies a number of high-profile positions in several organizations. He is the CEO of “Progressive Business Solutions – a company that offers manufacturing companies the best growth solutions based on practical knowledge. In addition to this, Giedrius is also a President of Lithuanian Association of Free Economic Zones, Chairman of the Board at Siauliai Free Economic zone and Baltic Automotive Cluster, member of the board at Engineering Industries Association of Lithuania. Giedrius also actively participates in the activities of institutions the aim of which is to attract investments to Lithuania and help companies increase exports. 


Darius Lasionis, CEO for Baltic Automotive Components Cluster (BACC) and Engineering Industries Association of Lithuania (LINPRA) 

Darius Lasionis has long and extensive experience in sales and marketing working in local and international companies (Modern Times Group, Inchcape Motors, Enterprise Lithuania). The background is in strategic planning, cluster’s management, account management, building long-term, strategic partnerships. 

Darius Lasionis is also the CEO of Engineering Industries Association of Lithuania LINPRA, the Board member of the European technology industry association Orgalim,  the Board member of Lithuanian Cluster Network association. Darius also participates in the activities of institutions with the aim to help companies increase digitalisation, exports and create mutual cooperation with foreign partners . 


Alvydas Naujėkas, CEO for Vėjo projektai 

A developer and visionary of sustainable and eco innovations with more than 20 years of leadership experience in the fields of manufacturing, renewable energy, sustainable transport. He is one of the first in Lithuania to start developing the ideas of electric city transport and to promote close cooperation between science and business. He has worked in the field of wind energy for more than 15 years, managing one of the largest wind power plant operators in Lithuania and the Baltic States – JSC “Vėjų spektras”. In 2004 – 2012 Alvydas served as the President of the Lithuanian Wind Power Association. 


Andreas Heiki Pant, FDI and Export Manager in the UK for the Estonian Embassy in London

Andreas has been the representative for Estonian Trade and Investment agency in the UK for last 7 years during which there has been exponential growth of Estonian based tech companies operating largely out of London disrupting financial services, insurance and cyber security market.




Johannes Mossov, CEO for Auve Tech OÜ 

Johannes Mossov has a strong background in the engineering field. A Bachelor’s degree in product development and manufacturing and a Master’s degree in mechanical engineering, both obtained in Tallinn University of Technology. Johannes started coordinating a university project during his Master’s studies that aimed at creating an autonomous shuttle bus from scratch to celebrate the university’s 100th birthday. Today, Johannes is the CEO of the company Auve Tech that grew out from the same student project. 


Dr Sebastian Pohlmann, VP of Innovation for Skeleton Technologies Group 

Dr. Sebastian Pohlmann received a Diploma in Chemistry in 2012 and a PhD in Physical Chemistry from the University of Münster in 2014. In early 2016, he started working for the Skeleton Technologies GmbH, since beginning of 2018 he is its Head of Cell Development, leading one of the largest Ultracapacitor research teams globally. Since April 2020, he has taken the position of VP of Innovation within the company, in which he works on bringing Ultracapacitors into novel applications. He has authored and co-authored over 10 publications and patents in the field of Supercapacitors. 


Viktors Kononovs, Founder of Volburg SIA 

Viktors has a solid background in electronic engineering and manufacturing with an extensive experience at one of the biggest players in electronic manufacturing field in the 80s in Riga – Radiotehnika.  

In early 90s Viktors pioneered starting with SMT (Surface Mount Technology) in Latvia following by establishing Volburg, an electronic manufacturing company that celebrated its 25th anniversary this year. Over the years Volburg has established its competency in automotive industry reaching a stable position among IATF 16949 certified players. 


Kristaps Dambis, Project Director for Drive eO 

Kristaps Dambis is an automotive engineer and has been with Drive eO since the creation of company in 2011, developing high performance electric powertrain systems for niche vehicles. He is the project lead for customer programmes and also assumes a hands-on engineering role for powertrain integration and testing. 




Ilmars Osmanis, Co-Founder of Light Space 3D

Experienced Tech, DeepTech Entrepreneur and Inventor with a demonstrated history of successful investments, business development, M&A, buyouts, listings, working in the advanced photonics, 3D image display development, electronic manufacturing industry. Skilled in Electronics, Photonics, AR/VR, Technologies, Business Planning, Entrepreneurship, Strategic Planning, and Business Development. Business development professional graduated from Riga Technical University in Electronic Engineering and additionally studied Business Administration.

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