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Citroën launches C2 with stop and start technology

30 March 2006 #Emissions #SMMT News

Citroën has announced the UK launch of a new, fuel efficient C2 Stop and Start model.

Thanks to its innovative Stop and Start technology, which switches the engine off when the car is stationary, the new C2 Stop and Start offers all the benefits of low CO2 emissions and better fuel consumption.

The technology works by turning off the engine as the vehicle comes to a halt and then, almost silently, restarting the engine the moment the driver takes their foot from the brake pedal. The car then accelerates away as normal.

The secret behind this technology is a reversible alternator. This acts as a standard alternator – driven by the engine to charge the battery – but when needed acts as a starter motor, driven by the battery to re-start the engine.

Citroën claims a 15 per cent reduction in fuel consumption in town traffic thanks to Stop and Start with corresponding reduction in CO2. Managing Director of Citroën UK, Xavier Duchemin, said, ‘Citroën’s launch of the C2 Stop and Start reinforces our position at the forefront of technological innovation and protection of the environment.’

Christopher Macgowan, SMMT chief executive added, ‘This is an excellent example of the investment manufacturers are making, not just in alternative-fuelled cars, but in technologies that are improving the performance of petrol and diesel models.’

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