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Stable start to 2014 for bus and coach market

06 February 2014 #Bus & Coach #Registrations #SMMT News
  • Bus and coach market starts 2014 down 3.4%.
  • Purpose-built bus market shows more positivity with 5.3% growth in January.
  • Purpose-built coach registrations remain stable at 0.0%.

“The bus and coach sector started the year down just 3.4%, a drop of 17 units and broadly in-line with our expectations for this year. We anticipate 2014 to be on a par with last year, so there are likely to be some ups and downs in the market,” said Mike Hawes, SMMT Chief Executive. “Purpose-built bus registrations were the bright spot in the sector, posting growth of 5.3%.”

UK bus and coach registrations: 2014 and % change on 2013

Rolling year totals


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