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Demand for new buses and coaches grows 45.2% in Q1 2022, but remains -44.4% below pre-pandemic five year average.
Single deck bus registrations increase sharply, rising by 131.9%, with minibuses up 36.8% and double-deckers up 8.4%.
Industry looks to government for crucial infrastructure support and release of Bus Back Better funding to drive fleet renewal.

26 March 2022 #Bus & Coach #SMMT News

“Greater funding for zero emission buses will be massively welcomed as the sector has had a torrid time because of the pandemic. With plummeting passenger numbers, cash strapped operators have been unable to fund new vehicles, stalling fleet renewal. New, zero emission buses help entice more passengers back on board, and help address environmental concerns, especially in our towns and cities, while giving a boost to British automotive manufacturing”

17 February 2022 #Bus & Coach #Registrations #SMMT News

Demand for new buses and coaches drops -16.8% in 2021, with only 3,467 vehicles joining UK roads. Double-deck bus registrations fall -35.4%, driving overall decline. Q4 down -31.6% rounding off the weakest year since records began in 1996. • Sector

16 November 2021 #Bus & Coach #SMMT News

853 vehicles registered in Q3 2021, down -19.8% on 2020, and 500 units or -37.0% short of 2019 outturn. Double-deck bus market declines -63.6% in Q3 as long-term low passenger numbers continue to hamper demand. Market falls -10.2% on first

16 August 2021 #Bus & Coach #Registrations #SMMT News

1,086 vehicles registered in Q2 2021, up 231.1% on 2020, but 347 units or -24.2% short of 2019 outturn. Market fell -3.6% on first half of 2020, with 1,668 vehicles registered year-to-date – less than half the pre-pandemic average.1 Sector

Bus and coach registrations down -58.5% in the first three months of the year to only 582 vehicles. While all segments see double-digit decline, single-deck bus registrations continue to be worst affected, down -72.6% to just 91 units. Sector needs

17 February 2021 #Bus & Coach #Registrations #SMMT News

Demand for new buses and coaches drops -32.0% in 2020, with 3,996 vehicles joining UK roads. Single-deck registrations, down -58.7% to 755 units, drive overall decline. Year started with growth in Q1 but ends with Q4 down -35.4% to 1,221

16 November 2020 #Bus & Coach #Registrations #SMMT News

New bus and coach market still grappling with effects of the pandemic, down -22.1% as just over 1,000 vehicles join UK roads in third quarter. Drop in registrations driven by double-digit decline in single-deck and minibus demand. Year-to-date performance down

17 August 2020 #Bus & Coach #Registrations #SMMT News

New bus and coach registrations fall -77.1% in Q2, with 328 vehicles joining UK roads.

Bus and coach registrations up 15.8% in Q1 with 1,403 units joining UK roads. Minibus demand drives overall increase, as registrations more than double to 941. Overall growth comes off back of particularly weak first quarter in 2019. UK new

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