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20 July 2023 #TNB News

A key benefit of becoming an SMMT member is the chance to help shape industry engagement with stakeholders on major issues of the day – from committee meetings with minsters and department civil servants to SMMT parliamentary receptions held throughout the year, our role as the voice of the UK motor industry means that there are important opportunities to shine a light on your priorities.

One recent example is the upcoming Smart Tachograph Version 2 legislation that is set to be applied to newly registered vehicles under the UK-EU TCA from 21 August 2023. Due to delays to the publication of technical specifications, the deadline has become particularly challenging for industry across Europe to meet.

SMMT has engaged with stakeholders to represent the industry’s voice and, earlier this month, government published a new statutory instrument that will allow for a ‘transitional’ tachograph system for vehicles travelling between the EU and the UK – along with a six-month delay to the deadline for newly registered vehicles that will be used exclusively within the UK. The delay is an important measure to alleviate industry concerns in the immediate term for the UK.

This week’s announcement that a gigafactory will be built in Somerset is another solution that SMMT has long advocated for, with domestic battery production now so important to ensuring that Britain is at the forefront of the queue for international auto investment. It is a crucial moment for the economy and British manufacturing jobs, indicating that the UK is a location that is open for business and EV production.

We must now build on our recent successes and focus on international collaboration to ensure that UK industry is in the strongest position to overcome the global, cross-border challenges that we face. One thing is for certain: SMMT will continue to champion the sector and its members to deliver growth, jobs and decarbonisation.

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