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Electric Vehicle Group

SMMT Electric Vehicles Group (EVG) was formed to support the UK’s EV Industry comprising traditional volume vehicle manufacturers as well as niche vehicle producers. Both larger and smaller companies, together with their associated supply chains and the infrastructure sector, represent an important and increasingly active element within SMMT membership.

Range anxiety, affordability/cost and infrastructure accessibility remain the three most significant challenges to EV market development. The UK recognises these challenges also create opportunities for both the automotive and adjacent industries. The EVG focuses on addressing these issues and promote the development and adoption of world-class innovation in electrification. The EVG also seeks to encourage the acceptance of technological, policy, regulatory and market changes through representation and development of appropriate services to support members across the EV sector.


  1. To create business opportunities:
  • To promote and encourage the development of a low carbon supply chain
  • To encourage investment and funding for all low carbon vehicle activities from private, corporate and government sources and to encourage foreign investment in the UK industry
  • To support the development of overseas trading opportunities for members
  1. To support market demand development:
  • To support the development of effective incentives to boost demand drivers across all potential customer groups, including fleets.
  • To position low carbon vehicles positively through effective education and communication
  • To support the development of consumer information, such as vehicle labels to provide support for purchase decisions
  1. To put market enablers in place:
  • To work with key stakeholders to ensure the physical infrastructure is in place for a positive EV ownership experience.
  • To work with services providers such as emergency services, garages and insurers that a service infrastructure is in place to support a positive EV ownership experience.
  1. Product development:
  • To coordinate an effective response to all technical issues/developments such as regulations, type approval and homologation via the EV Technical WG.
  • To engage with R&D activities in technologies supporting the EV and promote the dissemination of key technology information.
  1. Be the leading UK EV hub:
  • Facilitate and promote industry stakeholder relations.
  • To continue to provide a hub for the broader SMMT EV community.
  • To continue to proactively connect pockets of EV activities so as to limit repetition of activities and to promote effective connectivity across the wider EV community.

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