International Update

01 July 2021 #International Update

July’s SMMT International Newsletter features guest writer Avnish Malhotra, India Sector Specialist – Future Mobility and Head of British Trade Office in Pune at the Department for International Trade in India. Hear more from Avnish in our upcoming webinar. Automotive

02 June 2021 #International Update

June’s SMMT International Newsletter features guest writer Adam Breeze, Director, UK & Ireland at the Tennessee Department of Economic and Community Development Tennessee is known for its music, so it’s no surprise that the last few months have been all

05 May 2021 #International Update

May’s SMMT International Newsletter features guest writers Warren Ali, Senior Vice President – Innovation, and Sofia Gerretsen from the Automotive Parts Manufacturers’ Association (APMA). Join the UK-Canada Trade Summit on 24 June to hear more from APMA. As UK automotive

06 April 2021 #International Update

April’s SMMT International Newsletter features guest writer Ofer Fohrer, Minister for Economic Affairs, Economics & Trade Mission, Embassy of Israel, London. Since I was very young, I have always been a fan of cars and I could not wait to

01 February 2021 #International Update

Political drama aside, the regulatory uncertainty over the last four years has often left US automotive players guessing. However, make no mistake, American companies have not sat idly on their ICEs. Legacy manufacturers and new players alike have continued to

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