New Car CO2 Report 2019

Thinking of buying a new car?

From the latest low emission petrol and diesel cars, to hybrids, plug-in hybrids, pure electric and even hydrogen vehicles – there is car to suit everyone, and every journey.

If you drive short distances in a city, then an electric, hybrid or hydrogen car could work for you. If you commute long distances, then a diesel car could be the more fuel-efficient option. While petrol cars suit many different lifestyles and driving needs.

There are now around 75 different alternatively fuelled vehicles on the market, including more than 40 plug-in models, ranging from sports cars and SUVs, city run-arounds, family cars and vans.

However, the latest low emission diesels remain the right choice for many drivers, who value them for their high performance and low fuel consumption, and will do for years to come.

Thinking of buying a new car

New technologies, including the latest low emission diesels, are vital if the country and the industry are to meet their climate change targets.

What fuel suits your driving needs?

What Car? has produced a fuel comparison tool, a free online tool to help car buyers decide if a diesel, petrol or electrified car will suit their needs best.

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