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In recent years the UK’s network of motorway service areas (MSAs) has transformed, with the arrival of big-name brands and high street eateries delivering greater choice and elevating the customer experience. But while improvements across much of the network have

Q&A David Beer, Senior Manager at Transport Focus Transport Focus is a watchdog that carries out a survey of 40,000 bus passengers every year across England and Scotland and in urban and rural areas. This year services have seen serious

Across the country, many different approaches are being taken to coax commuters out of their cars and onto the bus network. From free park and ride to the introduction of congestion charges and the roll-out of on-demand services, towns, cities

05 June 2019 #Bus and Coach #News #TNB News

Independent watchdog Transport Focus says more young people would use the bus if WiFi and USB points were fitted on all seats. Although a report says satisfaction among 16-18-year-olds increased from 77% to 80% in 2018, this age group is

Truck stops are synonymous with all-day breakfasts and the smell of diesel, so it’s fair to say their reputation may not be the most glamorous. However, across the length and breadth of the country, roadside services are upping their game

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