New report reveals two million vehicles scrapped, 80 per cent recycled

25 February 2002 #SMMT News
  • More vehicles recycled than at any time in history
  • Lowest level of landfill on record
  • Uncertainty over future of ELV legislation

A new record for the recycling of cars and light vans has just

been reported in the fourth annual report from the Automotive Consortium On

Recycling and Disposal (ACORD). The latest figures show the commitment of ACORD

members to developing new processes and improving the efficiency of existing

recovery methods.

The results from 2000 show a growing number of vehicles reaching

their end of life and being disposed of and, for the first time, less than 20

per cent of the material ended up as landfill. This encouraging progress has

been achieved by improvements throughout the treatment process, making motor

vehicles one of the most recyclable of consumer products.

Vehicle manufacturers have developed dismantling information

and parts marking for most of the 2,017,137 vehicles scrapped. They are also

active into the research and development of new recycling technologies. The

plastics industry has developed specifications for grading recycled plastics

to encourage its selection for re-use, and the shredding and dismantling sectors

have made efficiency improvements in recovery rates over the previous year.

Christopher Macgowan, SMMT chief executive commented, ‘The

data released today demonstrates the results of the commitment by industry to

recycle vehicles, and also demonstrates that the sharing of responsibility across

sectors is the best way to deliver results.

‘The biggest obstacle to progress in our drive for even higher

levels of recyclability is the uncertainty about the implementation of the End

of Life Vehicles Directive. The Government needs to establish an implementation

strategy that maximises the existing treatment infrastructure, minimises costs

and encourages last owners to dispose of their vehicles in a responsible manner’.

Notes to Editors

  1. ACORD (the Automotive Consortium On Recycling and Disposal)

    is a cross-sector consortium comprising representatives of motor vehicle manufacturers,

    the vehicle dismantling and shredding industries, and the plastic and rubber

    manufacturing industries. In addition, ACORD has the support and participation

    of component suppliers, the steel and glass industries, the insurance industry

    and UK government departments.

  2. The 2001 ACORD report contains data gathered in 2000 as

    detailed in the attachment. Any reproduction of the data requires authorisation

    by SMMT and publication must acknowledge the source as SMMT Ltd.

  3. The report can be seen in full (in this web site)


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