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SMMT statement on government emissions tests

21 April 2016 #Emissions #SMMT News

Industry is assessing the results from the tests carried out by government as part of the review announced in the autumn. What is immediately clear is that the vehicles tested met the legal standards with no new evidence that any other manufacturer has used any kind of lab cycle test recognition technology.

The differences between the results from official laboratory tests and those performed in the ‘real world’ are well known, and industry acknowledges the need for fundamental reform of the current official test regime, which does it no favours. SMMT and industry support the introduction of the proposed new and more onerous test, RDE, which will help to reflect better ‘real world’ driving.

Once it is fully adopted, all car models newly approved from next year will have to pass this on-road test, as well as a more representative lab test, if they are to be put on the market. This will require significant additional investment by manufacturers but will add greater transparency so consumers can be more confident industry is delivering on air quality while providing ever greater choice.

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