15 September 2023 #CEO Update

Another week, another landmark announcement for the sector with the news that BMW Group will invest £600 million in its British plants, securing the long-term future of the home of one of the world’s most iconic brands – MINI. It’s

08 September 2023 #CEO Update

As temperatures soared across the UK this week, the automotive industry enjoyed its own heatwave. The end of the summer recess saw a flurry of good news: the UK re-joining the EU’s scientific research scheme, Horizon; government funding allocations for

01 September 2023 #CEO Update

As summer draws to a close, news this week that UK car manufacturing notched up a sixth month of growth in July, and CV output a fourth, should help prolong the warmth. For CV production in particular, the year is

29 August 2023 #SMMT News

Find out below who has joined the premier automotive trade association and what they get from membership: AGC Glass UK Ltd – www.agc-glass.eu Commercial Fuel Solutions Ltd – www.commercialfuelsolutions.co.uk Great Central Plastics Ltd – www.greatcentralplastics.com Sealey – www.sealey.co.uk Lucas Oil

18 August 2023 #CEO Update

The HGV and bus and coach markets were sources of optimism this week, with both demonstrating dynamic growth and, for trucks, a welcome return to pre-pandemic levels of demand in the year’s first half. New truck registrations were just shy

11 August 2023 #CEO Update

This week’s good news was brought to us by the used car sector, recovering well and delivering growth every month this year. The latest quarterly figures reveal that transactions topped 1.8 million during the year’s second quarter, growth driven by

04 August 2023 #CEO Update

Despite the British summer weather looking rather bleak, July’s new car and van registrations were anything but. The month wrapped up an entire year of non-stop growth in the new car market, while van deliveries reached their highest July level since 2020. Electrified performance also

28 July 2023 #CEO Update

The latest car and van production figures out this week show an auto industry finally getting back on track after the tough Covid years, helping meet pent-up consumer demand as manufacturers were increasingly able to manage global supply chain challenges

21 July 2023 #CEO Update

Landmark news this week with the announcement that the UK will be host to one of the largest battery cell gigafactories in Europe, helping anchor electric vehicle production here for the long-term. Make no mistake, this is a significant announcement

30 June 2023 #CEO Update

  This week’s International Automotive Summit provided the perfect, high profile platform to launch our “Manifesto 2030: Automotive growth for a zero-emission future”. With it came the call for all political parties to commit to five pledges which would help

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