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23 March 2022 #Emissions #Event News #SMMT News

More than 150 models of plug-in cars and vans now on sale, while British factories have produced a quarter of a million electric cars, vans, buses and trucks in the last decade.
In new blueprint for electric transition, industry calls for all stakeholders to match its commitment and ‘plug the gap’ between ambition and delivery, to make Britain a world leader in zero emission mobility.

23 November 2021 #Event News #SMMT News

The 82nd President of the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT) will be Alison Jones, Senior Vice President and Stellantis Country Manager UK for Peugeot, Citroën, DS Automobiles, Fiat, Fiat Professional, Abarth, Jeep and Alfa Romeo. The announcement was made this

Plug in vehicle
23 November 2021 #Event News #SMMT News

UK automotive sector calls for decisive action on infrastructure and competitiveness as it counts the cost of a second year of Covid impacts
Significant challenges remain, from semiconductor shortages to charge point availability.
Industry and government collaboration key to future sector and market competitiveness.

SMMT calls for automotive sector to be the engine of the UK’s future international trade deals after new report reveals vehicles are the nation’s most valuable exported good, worth £27 billion.
Total automotive sector trade drops -26% during pandemic-hit 2020 but still reaches £74 billion, benefiting every UK region.
Long-term global car market growth provides major opportunity to accelerate economy.
Supportive Rules of Origin to reflect post-Brexit supplier base and gigafactory investment will aid Global Britain in leading worldwide transition to electric vehicles.

25 March 2021 #Emissions #Event News #SMMT News

Fresh analysis reveals just 4.6% of car registrations by private buyers in 2020 were for battery electric vehicles (BEVs), compared to 8.7% for fleets and businesses.
Industry sounds warning over 2030 ambition as retail incentives slashed, while 700 charge points need to be installed daily to support the market.
SMMT unveils blueprint for electric revolution calling for all stakeholders to do more for consumers, focusing on incentives, infrastructure and industrial transition.

24 November 2020 #Europe #Event News #SMMT News

UK Automotive warns of Brexit tariff damage as new figures reveal ‘no deal’ would cut vehicle production by two million over next five years.
WTO tariffs would strike £55.4bn blow to UK sector by 2025 with annual production falling below one million units consistently.
Brexit deal must work for automotive to sustain competitiveness, help drive green recovery and jobs and keep the UK at forefront of global decarbonisation agenda.
UK sector comes together at special online event as SMMT calls on government to keep car showrooms open, agree a Brexit deal and ‘build back together’ after coronavirus crisis.

04 September 2020 #Event News #SMMT News

Huge investment in electric vehicle choice is driving demand, but nearly half of motorists still not ready for a 2035 switch, with higher purchase prices and charging concerns holding buyers back.
SMMT calls for zero tax on zero emission-capable cars, including plug-in hybrids, alongside long-term commitment to the Plug-in Grant to drive as many as 2.4 million sales in the five years to 2025.

26 November 2019 #Europe #Event News #SMMT News

Industry calls on next government to put sector at heart of economic and trade policies, and agree an ambitious Brexit deal to deliver on UK’s green growth ambitions.
New figures show tariffs would decimate UK manufacturing, with 1.5 million vehicles lost by 2024 at a cost of £42.7 billion.
UK Automotive can lead in global green mobility revolution but needs collaboration to drive progress, prosperity and jobs.
Industry launches ’key priorities for a new government’ at 103rd Annual Dinner to secure sector’s future success and competitiveness.

12 November 2019 #Event News #SMMT News

SMMT Regional Forum brings together automotive businesses to assess current challenges and new opportunities for sectoral growth in the area. Speakers including Vauxhall Motors and South East Midlands Local Enterprise Partnership (SEMLEP) join 200 industry leaders from vehicle manufacturers and

SMMT assembles leading automotive brands and innovative start-ups for its annual Future Mobility Challenge to encourage collaboration with and within the sector. Over 40 companies from nine different countries are pitching for opportunities including mentoring, ideas incubation and investment, piloting,

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