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February 2018 EV registrations Plug-In Car Grant: Since the launch of the Plug-In Car Grant

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05 March 2018 #Registrations #SMMT News

80,805 new cars driven off forecourts in the month, -2.8% down on 2017, as UK new car market dips.
Demand for petrol and alternatively fuelled vehicles continues to rise, but diesel demand falls again.
Year-to-date market for new cars down -5.1%, with 244,420 units registered nationwide.

12 February 2018 #HGVs #Registrations #SMMT News

New HGV market declines in 2017, falling -2.6% to 45,045 units. Artic market remains stable,

12 February 2018 #Bus & Coach #Registrations #SMMT News

Double-digit decline in new bus and coach market in 2017, down -12.7%. Registrations of minibuses,

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