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Regulatory Changes

The UK regulatory environment, in which businesses operate, may change. Moving forward business may have to comply with separate UK and EU regulations. Product standards may have to be reviewed to ensure continued compliance.

Changes to regulations may affect existing contracts you have. It is important business understands what action it needs to take.

There may be implications on a range of regulatory issues. These include the EU’s type approval framework and the VCA, emissions regulations, chemicals regulations (REACH), GDPR, employment (e.g. Working Time Directive) and Company Law (e.g. The Late Payment Directive). Companies may wish to seek advice on potential options to mitigate the impacts.

  • Deloitte

    Deloitte helps clients to respond to regulatory investigations, especially related to anti-money laundering (AML), sanctions, bribery, fraud and corruption, cross-border taxation and relevant competition and pricing regulations in many jurisdictions.


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    Sarah Noble, Partner (, D: +44 20 7007 5177 | M: +44 7867 156449)

  • Gowling WLG

    We provide advice on regulatory issues affecting the automotive sector, including in relation to issues flowing from the UK’s departure from the EU and regulatory divergence. We can also assist with business and human rights issues in the automotive sector as part of the firm’s wider ESG offering.


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    Kieran Laird, Partner (


    A significant portion of automotive regulation relates to compliance with technical standards. Although we can usually identify what the appropriate standards are, as lawyers we cannot provide technical advice on whether they are met in particular instances.

  • Grant Thornton

    Grant Thornton’s corporate reporting specialists can help you navigate the complex sustainability reporting landscape to enable you to meet your regulatory requirements globally. This includes:

    • Providing feedback on your current sustainability reporting, including TCFD disclosures
    • Helping you to prepare for the next reporting season and beyond. For example, in areas such as TCFD, IFRS International Sustainability Standards, the EU Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD), and the EU Taxonomy
    • Developing tailored training programs on sustainability reporting

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    James A Shields, Industrials BD Manager, Marketing and Business Development (, D +44 (0)1908 359589 | M +44 (0)7785 973000 | T +44 (0)1908 660666) for more information.