SMMT Committees

UK Logistics Forum (UKLF)

The UK Logistics Forum (UKLF) brings together vehicle manufacturers, tier suppliers and automotive logistics service providers. The group is for SMMT members, but also brings in experts and relevant organisations to present and discuss issues. Non-members can sample one meeting upon request.

The forum has been designed to co-ordinate industry collaboration, respond to UK and European legislation, discuss common issues, consider possible solutions and drive initiatives in logistics and supply chain efficiency.

  • Networking with senior figures from automotive logistics
  • Updates on new and future legislation, policies and strategy
  • Resultant discussion on impact, actions and necessary response
  • Drive initiatives, monitor the progress of projects
  • Share ideas, knowledge and insights
  • Hear from experts on new trends and technologies
  • Discuss new business opportunities
  • Contribute to a UK perspective in developing new Europe wide and worldwide industry standards through ODETTE
  • Participate in ODETTE projects through SMMT

Meeting on a triannual basis, the Logistics Forum OEM Group meets prior to the wider group session (open to all members and stakeholders). See the wider group meeting agendas, attendees, presentations and minutes here.

To participate in Logistics Forum activities or for further information, please e-mail Toby Jones,