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UK Logistics Forum (UKLF)


UK Logistics Forum (UKLF)The UK Logistics Forum reviews the needs of the industry and promotes actions to assist all aspects of e-Business and supply chain management deployment. The committee also functions to coordinate UK representation to Odette, the organisation responsible for establishing industry wide standards in logistics and e-business.

The group has recently been the catalyst in establishing European-wide standard practices for CO2 reporting through Odette. If there are any issues you believe outstanding, or requiring collaboration and input from a variety of companies, please feel free to suggest this as a future project.

Principal areas of discussion:

  • Supply Chain Management – For example: Import Control Systems, CKD packaging, CO2 reporting and management, skills etc
  • e-Business communications – EDI message standards, labelling ITC technical

Current projects or issues of interest include (but not limited to):

  • CO2 reporting and management for logistics
  • CV trailer heights, Cabotage and Eurovignette
  • Skills for logistics
  • Rail networks: Product movement around Europe
  • Transport optimisation (parts and vehicle delivery)
  • Supplier collaboration (shared transport, shared warehousing etc)
  • Supply chain risk management (SCRM)

The committee  also coordinates UK representation in the Odette and ENX programs.

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