19 October 2007 #Emissions #SMMT News

SMMT responds to Mayor”s congestion charge consultation.

31 July 2007 #Emissions #SMMT News

Complementing green label messages in new car showrooms

23 July 2007 #Emissions #SMMT News

Vehicle technology is the key, says Transport for London report

25 June 2007 #Emissions #SMMT News

Car makers saved nearly five million tonnes of CO2 in the last ten years

20 June 2007 #Emissions #SMMT News

Research by economists at SMMT has revealed a shift in the market for new cars.

25 April 2006 #Emissions #SMMT News

SMMT has today (25 April 2006) published its latest New Car Registrations by CO2 Performance report

24 April 2006 #Emissions #SMMT News

SMMT has today (Monday 24 April) responded to the Transport for London consultation on establishing a Low Emission Zone

30 March 2006 #Emissions #SMMT News

More evidence of investment to drive down new car carbon dioxide emissions.

28 July 2005 #Emissions #SMMT News

Cleaner vehicle grants face further delays this year, damaging the market for the cleanest vehicles and creating more uncertainty for manufacturers and their customers.

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