10 April 2017 #Emissions #SMMT News #TNB News

SMMT reveals the important role diesels can play in helping improve air quality in towns and cities, and tackling climate change.

SMMT is calling on bus operators to take faster action on updating their fleets.

02 March 2017 #Emissions #Environment #SMMT News

The UK automotive industry has once again beaten CO2 targets, with average new car emissions down for the 19th consecutive year, according to the latest SMMT CO2 report. The annual SMMT New Car CO2 Report 2017 reveals that carbon tailpipe emissions fell to an all-time low in 2016, with new cars averaging just 120.1g/km.

21 April 2016 #Emissions #SMMT News

Industry is assessing the results from the tests carried out by government as part of the review announced in the autumn. What is immediately clear is that the vehicles tested met the legal standards with no new evidence that any

26 February 2016 #Emissions #SMMT News

The UK automotive industry is demonstrating its ongoing commitment to improving air quality and reducing vehicle emissions with a new consumer-facing video.

25 September 2015 #Emissions #SMMT News

In response to the Transport Secretary’s statement on vehicle testing from 24 September 2015, SMMT welcomes the initiative.

16 September 2015 #Emissions #SMMT News

ACEA President Carlos Ghosn outlines approach to reducing CO2 from road transport in Europe
Focus on intelligent transport systems (ITS)
Commitment to data protection announced

01 September 2015 #Emissions #SMMT News

Euro-6 legislation launched today, 1 September 2015

26 August 2015 #Emissions #SMMT News

Today, government announced that the current Plug-in Car Grant scheme would continue until at least February 2016 for all categories of vehicle.

06 August 2015 #Emissions #SMMT News

Alternative fuel vehicle registrations rose by 17.4% across Europe in the second quarter of 2015, according to ACEA. Demand for AFVs in the UK surged 62.4% – the biggest increase seen in any of the EU’s major markets over the period.

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