Member Services & Business Development

Development managers / trade sections

The automotive industry in the UK includes a broad and diverse set of companies and industry sectors. To represent this diversity better, SMMT membership is organised in a number of key industry groups called Trade Sections. These groups bring together companies with similar interests and mutual concerns.

All SMMT members qualify for membership of one or more Trade Sections depending on the nature of their business. Each Trade Section exists to watch over and protect the special interests of its members. It provides a forum for debate on issues affecting its members and to promote the business of those companies.

Each Section provides specific member benefits, has its own criteria for membership and is supported by an SMMT Development Manager. The Development Manager’s role is to provide a first point of contact with the Society and to ensure that the specialist skills and expertise available within the SMMT are focused on their respective key issues. They also represent the components and accessories sectors on CLEPA (European Association of Automotive Suppliers) and FIGIEFA (The International Federation of Automotive Aftermarket Distributors).