04 November 2016 #Cars #Registrations #SMMT News

The UK new car market experienced modest growth in October following a bumper plate-change month in September, according to figures published today by SMMT.

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05 October 2016 #Cars #Registrations #SMMT News

The UK new car market remained steady in September, rising 1.6%. 469,696 cars were registered, as buyers purchased the new 66-plate. The performance marks the highest September on record, while the total number of cars registered so far this year also grew to 2,150,495 units – up 2.6% compared with the same period last year. It is only the second time that the two million mark has been passed in September since 2004.1

Fleet registrations continued to drive growth, up 7.3%, while registrations to private motorists experienced a small decline, down -1.7% to 223,844 units in the month.

05 September 2016 #Cars #Registrations #SMMT News

UK new car registrations increase 3.3% in August to 81,640 units, with YTD performance steady at 1.68m. Fleet sector drives market, with demand in the month growing 7.7% as private registrations fall -0.2%. Registrations of alternatively fuelled vehicles up almost

04 August 2016 #Cars #Registrations #SMMT News

Passenger car demand sees small increase in July as UK registrations rose by 0.1%. Demand for AFVs remains healthy up 24.7% but still small market share. Monthly car registrations level off after record 2015 and strong early 2016 growth. UK

06 July 2016 #Cars #Registrations #SMMT News

Demand for new cars up 3.2% in first half of 2016, with a record 1,420,636 registrations between January and June. Growth seen across all fuel types, as alternatively fuelled vehicles lead the way with 21.3% boost YTD. June sees small

06 June 2016 #Cars #Registrations #SMMT News

New car market increases 2.5% in May, with 203,585 vehicles registered. Fleet buyers drive growth, with demand up 8.8% in the month. Demand for alternative fuel vehicles outpaces the market with double-digit growth. Demand for new cars in the UK

06 May 2016 #Cars #Registrations #SMMT News

New car registrations show steady increase of 2.0% in April to 189,505 units. Growth in fleet and business segments offsets small decline in private demand. Registrations of alternative fuel vehicles rise 26.8%, in line with the year so far. Friday

06 April 2016 #Cars #Registrations #SMMT News

New car market grows 5.3% in March as more than half a million buyers take advantage of popular plate change. Registrations increase 5.1% in 2016 Q1, to 771,780 units. Alternative fuel vehicles see 21.5% jump in demand, with robust growth

04 March 2016 #Cars #Registrations #SMMT News

New car market grows 8.4% in February, with 83,395 units registered. Demand from private customers drives increases, up 22.6%, with fleet demand down 1.4%. Registrations of alternatively-fuelled vehicles up by a fifth in the month. 4 March, 2016 New car

04 February 2016 #Cars #Registrations #SMMT News #Uncategorised

The UK’s new car market got off to a positive start in January, with registrations climbing 2.9% compared with the same month in 2015 to reach an 11-year high of 169,678 units. January 2005 saw 181,474 new cars registered.

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