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MVRIS Full Committee

The Motor Vehicle Registration Information System (MVRIS) which provides data on the registration of new vehicles in the UK, is operated by SMMT on behalf of the leading vehicle manufacturers and sole import concessionaires. Companies in these categories who are full members of SMMT, are entitled to become members of MVRIS. They agree to adhere to the rules of MVRIS, and to meet their share of the costs. They appoint a MVRIS representative who becomes a member of the MVRIS Committee. The representative is entitled to vote on the major issues put to this committee, which meets once each year at the Annual General Meeting (AGM).
The full MVRIS Committee elects the chairman and the majority of the members of the MVRIS Management Committee (MMC), which is the executive body for the management of MVRIS. This meets at least quarterly and its major responsibilities are to:
•formulate and interpret MVRIS policy and strategy
•agree and manage the annual budget
•provide annual reports and accounts for the MVRIS Committee AGM.
The MVRIS Management Committee consists of four permanent members (those with the greatest market share) and, in addition, between five and eight members elected by the MVRIS Committee. The Committee chairman is elected biannually by the Committee members. Additional or extraordinary meetings are convened by the chairman in consultation with the members of the Committee, as and when required.
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